innovation and patents

In 2014, THALGO invented Regenerative Marine Intelligence.

Regenerative Marine Intelligence is the first 100% marine longevity concentrate, composed of 63 essential active ingredients, which reactivates the key youth proteins in 48 hours*.

This concentrate is derived from an exclusive combination of three extracts of marine origin chosen for their unique and complementary riches: 15 minerals, 3 vitamins, 17 fatty acids, 6 carbohydrates, 22 amino acids and polyphenols, which are highly assimilable, for skin regeneration after just 48 hours*.

Regenerative Marine Intelligence is concentrated at the heart of the PRODIGE DES OCÉANS range, the quintessence of THALGO expertise, which includes a sublime Face and body treatment ritual and a collection of Products with unique textures that "fuse" with skin.

* In vitro evaluation by proteomic analysis







Sun’Ytol and Sun’Ytol Future

It was by observing the resistance of the red alga Polysiphonia Lanosa to extreme sunlight conditions that THALGO discovered an active ingredient with extraordinary filtering powers. This research led to Sun’Ytol, an exclusive patented filtering algae extract with broad-spectrum protection from short UVA and UVB rays.

In 2011, Thalgo combined it with Astaxanthin, an extremely powerful free radical captor, which is 550 times more effective than vitamin E and 40 times more effective than beta-carotene.
This combination created a new patented filtering complex, Sun’Ytol Future, which protects from UV rays, slows down photo-induced ageing and protects skin cells*.

*Test in vitro



"Sun’Ytol and Sun’Ytol Future "




Age Reverse, Youth innovation

After ten years' research, Thalgo created the patented complex of active ingredients Age Reverse. For the first time in marine cosmetics, Age Reverse resets the contractile force of the fibroblasts*, the skin's "support cells".

Thanks to Age Reverse, the ULTIMATE TIME range and the ULTIMATE TIME SOLUTION Ritual recreate the skin's architecture, reposition volumes, fill in the microrelief and redefine the contours of the eyes and face.

*Test in vitro








Marine Mesolift

Directly inspired by anti-ageing mesotherapy, Marine Mesolift is made up of 34 multi-revitalising nutrients, hyaluronic acid and an anti-ageing molecule, relaunching skin cell metabolism and reactivating the skin's youthful functions.

This unique composition is incorporated at the heart of highly assimilable biospheres*, mimicking a real "injection". This exclusive patented technology allows time-release of the active ingredients over 48 hours for total infusion of the epidermis.

Marine Mesolift boosts the vitality (+9%**) and metabolism of skin cells (+373% collagen and +121% elastin)**.

Marine Mesolift is the star active ingredient in the M CEUTIC line: the first medical-inspired professional cosmeceutical products with Marine Mesolift aimed at skin concerns or imperfections for which no satisfactory solution can be found in traditional cosmetics.

*Biospheres: biocompatible vectorisation system
**In vitro tests on reconstructed dermis





"Marine Mesolift"




This patented complex contained in the M CEUTIC line offers unprecedented effectiveness in correcting skin imperfections and unevenness to rebuild perfect skin quality. By regulating the skin imbalance impairing the skin's texture, Neo-Skin gradually restores skin's original beauty*.

*Test in vitro