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MÉNOSVELT is an exclusive formula, specifically designed for women over 45 wishing to get back into shape:
• Undaria pinnatifida alga extract contributes to the metabolism of abdominal fat to help regain a flat stomach and refined hips;
• the “anti-water” complex combines green tea with ash tree, known to facilitate the elimination of excess water;
• iodine contributes to normal energy metabolism. The slimming metabolism is thus regulated.


Dry extract of Undaria pinnatifida (350 mg) titrated to 10% of fucoxanthin
Dry extract of Camellia sinensis green tea leaf (300 mg)
Capsule shell: fish gelatine, glycerol
Dry extract of Fraxinus excelsior ash leaf (100 mg)
Anti-caking agents: colloidal silica and magnesium stearate
Potassium iodide

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2 capsules a day with meals.